OK buttons sometimes visible and sometimes not

  • 22 March 2022
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I have just created my very first Typeform.  When I test it, I have noticed that some questions do not display the OK button until the question is answered, whereas all the others do.  The settings are identical in every question and none of my questions have the required button switched on, so I can’t see why this would be the case.

Any ideas?


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8 replies

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Hi @sarahRise Welcome to the community! Oftentimes, the ‘ok’ button will appear in multiple choice questions when multiple answers/selections are needed. 

Though, do you mind sharing the URL of your form and which questions it’s appearing on when it shouldn’t be (or vice versa)? It most likely has something to do with any logic jumps set up on the form. 

Hi Liz

Yes I do have heaps of logic jumps in the form.

Here’s the link:



I would like the OK button to be there even if the person doesn’t upload a file to that particular question.

The OK button appears to be missing from the following 4 questions:

10l - Property - Please upload bank statements……

11 - Managed Fund Investments

13 - Share Trading

14 - Foreign Exchange Trading


Do I need to give you admin access so you can see what I’ve been doing with the logic jumps?



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Thanks, @sarahRise ! I think if there are logic jumps, there isn’t necessarily a way to force the ‘ok’ button to appear, but I’m asking our support team just in case I’m wrong. I’ll post here once I’ve heard back from them. 😁

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Hi again, @sarahRise . Our support team confirmed we don’t have a way to force the ‘ok’ button to appear. I don’t have a workaround besides removing the logics, which I doubt you’d want to do. 

Also, this is a very cool form! I wish my accountant used something like this. 😂

@James @Gabi Amaral 

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Oh @sarahRise! Yes, your form is very cool indeed. That reminds me I need to talk to an accountant in Spain..hehehe. 

Can you let us know more about your use case? It'd be amazing if you could share other forms you've created so we can take a look and give you feedback! 😉

I want users to have to press the OK button each time they select an answer to a question in a quiz to go to the next question. Now the transfer is automatic. How can this be changed? My quiz is published in a mobile application, so there is a good chance that users will inadvertently press the answer, which will automatically take them further. I'm not introducing the option to go back to the previous question, so having to press OK is important to me.

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Hi @ZEF I’ve moved your post here where we have more information on the OK button. I’m afraid it’s not possible to force the button to be pressed at this time. 

Hi - I’ve found TypeForm 95% great - but the issue with the OK button is a big nuisance; I trialled my form with a dozen friends and 5 complained about the inconsistency; it spoils an otherwise very professional look. ….. I’d also like to be able to make some combinations in a drop-down list incompatible … for example it could be:

Which of  these do you like (pick as many as you want):

Ice Cream




None of the above

Prefer not to answer


Seems like you could tick them all?