Persistent Variables?

  • 25 January 2023
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We have a typeform that is used on our contact us page. During the typeform respondents have an opportunity to schedule an appointment with someone directly if they have been referred to someone specific in our company or they can select nobody. If they select the Nobody option what we would like to do is alternate who gets the lead. Is there an easy way to do this? Is there a way to maybe get the number of times the typeform has been submitted or started and then use that number as a means to determine the person to route this particular form to? Can we pull information from our table of responses and then manipulate that number?





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3 replies

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Hi @EABonneyCPA How are you routing the leads to your colleagues? 

@Liz - So currently the respondent is asked a question of “Have you been referred to somone specific in our firm?” Then there is a drop down box where they can choose one of the two people we currently have doing these leads or they can choose “none”.

If they choose a specific person the logic sends them to the Calendly option for that user. If they choose “none” then currently I have them going to my Calendly but what I really would like to do is find a way to alternate between my self and my other person.



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Ah, got it, @EABonneyCPA ! I don’t think we have an option to set up a logic that could alternate for you, but would you be able to do the round robin option at all in Calendly? I like this option a lot (for me personally) because it will look at my schedule with my colleagues and show available options between us. You can also optimize it for different things such as availability or equal distribution.