Progress Bar Not Showing

When I do the preview for the typeform below I can see the progress bar, and progress bar is turned on. However when I view the share link, the progress bar is gone?


Any thoughts on why?




Best answer by Liz 27 July 2021, 21:50

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Hi @Liz 

thanks. I was expecting to see the progress bar as percentage (%) or the number of questions left, so the respondant knows how much is left to finish the survey. Is that possible somehow?



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Hi @juan-perezbedmar We don’t currently have this feature in our progress bar, but I can share this feedback to our product team for you. 

Thank you @Liz, and yes please, do forward this to your product team. 

I’ve noticed that the Progress bar is shown on top of the screen

but it is, IMHO, too subtle to be noticed. Additionally, for grouped questions, the progress bar is almost unseen as the title of the group overlays the bar.

I know you used to have this feature in the past, I’ve seen it in your documentation here: so it’s a pity (again IMHO) that it is no longer available


thanks again for your support

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Hi @juan-perezbedmar Thank you! You are right, as we used to have this feature, but we no longer do. I’ll share this feedback with our product team, though, and also let our Help Center team know that this article is out of date. 

It appears the progress bar is blocked by the “Question Group” headers -- really lame, esp. since my form is entirely chunked into question groups, which makes it completely useless. It’s also really thin and basically unnoticeable even when it’s not blocked.

The typeform progress bar used to be decent, and appeared at the bottom with a percentage indicator too. How do I revert it back to that? And/or when does typeform plan on making the new one usefully visible?


This. It’s ridiculous and makes the progress bar completely useless. Just being able to change the colour would solve this, and be a really simple change for the developers. Please sort it asap!

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Thanks for the feedback, @Spark ! We’ll share this with product. 

That is not a progress bar @Liz, you are pointing to the navigation arrows. See below for the example of a progress bar at the top of the form. The black bar. Is it not obvious and does not have a percentage.


Hi @juan-perezbedmar The progress bar can be found in my example shown here: 

I’m also seeing the arrows at the bottom of your form, so it appears to be working. :) 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

This is no progress bar! It means to show how you advance along the questionair. I have the same trouble and it is troublesome.. 

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Hi @Justanothername and @paulkre This is currently what we offer for the progress bar, and you can read more about this here

Of course, if you’re looking for something different, I’m happy to pass this feedback to the product team. 

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Now I understand why I also couldn’t see the freaking “ progress bar ”!  How weird is it not to have that as a UX feature in a survey?

It almost seems as if its done on purpose to turn people away from the survey and to charge clients up to the Business plan, which is the one that shows where drop off happens. Disappointing for a product we pay $ 600 for on a yearly basis.

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Hi @Carosanfran Is there a particular design or change to the feature you would like to see instead? 

progress bar is still too subtle guys. When will this be fixed? I’m seeing multiple topics about this that are over a year old. This is a quick win for many users.

My progress bart atm is too thin and the color blends with my website, so it’s lacking visibility

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Hi @techneit The progress bar was originally too large for many customers, and based off that feedback, we adjust it to its current state. We don’t have any plans to change it back in the future, but I can pass along this feedback to the product team. 

I’m just seeing many customers complaining that it’s too small now :)
So why not giving us the option to choose small vs large, and at least change the color.

This is really not a huge change request. 

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I’ll pass that feedback along to the product team, @techneit ! 😁

Hi Liz, I don’t see a progress bar in either of your embedded examples. Here’s my form, live on my Squarespace site, and it’s also lacking a progress bar. The arrows are visible, but that's not a progress bar :)

How do I get the progress bar to show?

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Hi @pgoo Could you try expanding the height of the form to see if that allows enough room for the progress bar to show? 

Hi Liz, I do see a progress bar now, on desktop and mobile. It’s just so dang hard to see. I wish I had the option to increase the size, add a step number, etc. Adding my voice to the feature request!



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I’ll pass it along, @pgoo !

Joining the chorus to ask for a better progress bar.

I see value in the bar to help prevent survey fatigue – if respondents know how far along they are, they may keep up their efforts.

Puuh. Are you serious?? The current design is absolutely a NO GO. We get a lot of complaints from our users that it is almost invisible. Thats a big pain point. Please allow customisation there. Or at leat make it fatter! Its way to flimsy. 



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Thanks @TPAV and @kmander, we’ll continue to pass this feedback a long to our product team so thank you for sharing your pain points 💪


Is there a way to adjust the color of the progress bar? It does not change at all and look like progress.  I would assume that with my darker blue background, the progress bar color would follow my theme and be the color of the font, which is white.  It doesn’t look to be a different color from the bar itself:


I’d also like to see changes/updates to the progress bar as mentioned by other users. When the gray header of a question group covers the progress bar it is very difficult for users to see where they’re at in the form and how much longer they have to go. I only have issues when using the inline and full page embed options. It works perfectly in the slide-out embed option.

Are they any updates from the product team on this?


Users abandon surveys when they can’t tell how much is left. The old progress bar seemed decent but if it was too big, make it smaller. Don’t make it invisible. This is a significant downgrade.