sending advice depending on choices

  • 16 June 2021
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Hi, we are trying to set up a Typeform with some easy yes/no questions.

Depending on the choices a person makes, we want to sent them an email with the answers involved. 
I think it should be doable inside Typeform, without extra solutions like Zapier or other.

8 replies

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Hi @johnbp. Welcome to the Typeform Community :hugging:


You can add a respondent notification and use the recall information feature. Then, you'd add @all answers, so the answers from the respondent will appear in the email notification. Would this work for you? =)

hi @Mariana thank you for the reply and thinking together!

This isn’t exactly what we are looking for. We want to give (send automatically by Webflow) some advice, depending on the answers a respondent would give. For example: “Do you have divorced parents?” (yes/no/I don’t know). Depending on their choice, we want to sent some advice to help. All filled in questions and answers on that, should be mailed in one single mail. I think it should be doable inside Webflow, without extra’s like Zapier, Mailchimp or other...

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Hey @johnbp , your message was held on a queue for some strange reason - sorry about that, I think the platform thought it was spam. I’ll tag @Mariana again so she can see your last message.

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Hi @johnbp. Thank you very much for clarifying =)


I'll ping @Liz to see if she happens to have an idea of how this could work. She is our tech expert so hopefully she'll be able to help further :sunglasses:

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Hi @johnbp ! We recently covered a solution like this using Zapier in our Workspace Invaders series below. Would something like this work for you?

Hi @Liz, thanks for your reply. I'll see if it can work for us. But actually I thought, this could be done within Typeform.

Hi @Liz ! Thanks a lot for your reply. I was actually looking for a solution inside Typeform? To use Zapier, we also need a payed account to use more then one step...

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Hi @johnbp I’m afraid we don’t have this capability within Typeform, but if there’s anything else I can answer for you, please let me know.