Specifying Reference for Contact Information, Multiple Choice Answers

  • 29 September 2023
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Using the instructions found in, I was able to configure custom references to my question fields so that I can reference them in code as question_a as opposed to what appears to be a UUID. For the “Contact Info” field type, it appears that I can specify a reference for that page but there doesn’t appear to be a way for me to specify a reference for the individual fields within it, eg. first name, last name, email. Is there a way for me to do so?


Similarly, I see in the sample webhook data that each individual choice in a “Multiple Choice” question type has its own reference. Is there a way for us to specify a custom reference for each option? I think there’s a workaround here where I pull up[FORM_ID] after a form has been created and create a mapping on my end for [question_number].properties.choices.[option number].ref → string enum on my end, but i’d rather just have typeform send a specified enum instead and save me a step in manually doing the mapping or doing string matching on the label.




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Hi @Ellard Li Thanks for stopping by the community! I hope you’re having a good one. 

Regarding the first question about the contact block, the post below can answer this for you: 

As for creating a reference for each multiple choice option, we don’t currently have this feature, but I can share this request with the product team!

Got it, thank you!

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You’re welcome, @Ellard Li ! Let us know if you have any other questions. 

@Liz As a developer I would also love this feature. Has there been any movement on this request? Thanks!

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I’m afraid not, @andersonethan683 , but @mathio do you have any insight on this? 

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Hello, I think you might be able to do this by updating your form via API.

@mathio I tried updating via the API, it does work, but when I update the answers after (typos or maybe just want to change the copy), the references are changed as well, so it’s really pointless.


@Liz It would be great to have this feature.