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  • 10 February 2021
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Hi there,


I’m new to typeform. I’m trying to show a different thank you page based on the total score range. How do I set that up? So basically they get a point per yes and 0 for no but I want scores ranging from 1-10 to say some thing. Then scores ranging from 10-20 to say another and 10-30 to say something different. Is that possible?




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3 replies

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Hi @SPower Thanks for stopping by!

While we don’t exactly have a way to set up a range in the logic jumps, you could setup your jumps like this on the very last question of the form: 


In this example, you’ll use “is greater than” and “is lower than” to create the range and direct the respondent to the correct thank you page. Would that work for you? :) 

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@SPower @Liz 

that is the method i use in this typeform, which will route the user to one of 4 endings 

it works really well for me. 



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@john.desborough glad to hear that’s working for you! :)