Workaround to use unsupported currency?

  • 31 October 2023
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Hi all,


Is there any workaround to have the Stripe form embedded in Typeform, show a currency that is not yet supported by Typeform?


Asking since Stripe supports a lot of currencies, out of which only a few are available in Typeform.


(Specifically curious about RON / Romanian Leu)





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3 replies

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Hi @TudStanciu Thanks for stopping by the community! Within our own integration with Stripe, I’m afraid we don’t have any workarounds for this. 

Though, you could use our redirect feature and direct the respondent to a page on your website to capture payment after they’ve completed the form.

Thanks, Liz!

That’s a bummer, hopefully you’ll expand with more currencies in the future.

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Hoping so as well, @TudStanciu !