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I had hoped to be able to use a matrix question with dropdown options instead of radio/markbox options. I read in the Q&A that that was not possible 10 months ago. As I did not see it yet in the question’s options, I take it is still not possible.

Is there a workaround that is doing better then ‘split the questions up’ :) ?

I have the same question for allowing respondents to fill in their answers in the matrix -- this wasn’t possible 8 months ago. Any workarounds? I would have to ask 12 questions + jump logic instead… Hoping for a better solution...


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Hi @uitrit4 Thanks for stopping by! We don’t have this feature in the matrix block, and there aren’t plans yet to add this, I’m afraid. 

I can’t quite think of any workaround that would still include the matrix question in it, but possibly @john.desborough has created a nifty solution that would be similar? 😅

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Nope @Liz - no nifty solutions on either of these. What is being proposed is more like a multi-column Google Sheet/Form with a drop down list in each cell.. 

my understanding from the interactions i have had with support and the Product team have been more focused on trying to get in-form logic capability for matrix questions as they exist today first. That would solve the majority of the issues that I have with using matrix questions first and foremost. 

none of the form solutions that i have investigated over the past 4 years have the two capabilities that @uitrit4  mentions. I have not done an exhaustive study of the form market since I started working seriously with Typeform about 18 months ago -


i am a firm believer of the 80/20 rule and I’ve been able to get more than 80 percent of my objectives for using Typeform met so far and a large chunk of the next ‘jump’ to try and get closer to 100 percent. If a client comes to me with these types of requirements for a Typeform project, I realistically tell them they are more likely to get what they want in a custom developed solution… (but they won’t get the UI from typeform… and the ease of use for the other question types.. )


just sayin’