"an error occurred on client" message

trying to get into the build function and received this error message - error occurred on client and it wont allow me to build or do anything anymore


Best answer by Grace 21 November 2022, 10:26

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Hi @Joe Styles thanks for reporting this, are you still seeing the error message when trying to access the builder in VideoAsk?


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Hey @Joe Styles sorry to hear that, I see you also contacted the support team, they have sent you a reply so it’s definitely worth checking your inbox/spam for that and replying to the team as it would be good to get a screen recording with the developer console open whilst you’re experiencing this error so we can identify what the issue is.

i havent received a response from anyone about this issue and i havent been able to move on when i click buld because it keeps giving me an error message..

does anyone at video ask want to help resolve this problem?

i have been down for over a week and this is very uncommon from a business stand point. 

please advise. 


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@Joe Styles - all i can recommend is a little patience.. the Typeform and VideoAsk help desks respond to the tickets that come in in the order they are received. they will get to you as soon as your ticket gets to the top of the pile 

suggest checking spam or promo tabs for email though - as i have had some of the support responses head there when i have submitted. 

may not be the answer you want, but they really are good at getting back to folks 



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Hey @Joe Styles our support team have been trying to reach you, it looks like perhaps our videoask replies aren’t arriving in your inbox - they could be in your spam folder or there could be something blocking them so they’re going to try a direct email rather than a videoask reply.

Let us know if you still don’t receive anything 🙏

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Hey @Joe Styles I understand our engineering team were able to get to the bottom of this and fix it, let us know if everything’s working again or if you need any more help!

Yes I’m in and it’s working great now thank you … 


Had to be patient and when you and the team got back to me service sped up dramatically ! Impressive 

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Great to hear, thanks @Joe Styles sounds like it was a bit of an unusual one but glad it’s fixed now! Have a good week 😊