Create condition based on a custom variable

  • 19 September 2023
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Is it possible to create a condition based on a custom variable’s value?


For example, I’d like to pass a variable customer_has_trial_left and if true, I would like to be able to offer the customer to start a trial, but only if he still has a trial left, otherwise it goes to another step.


If not possible, what workarounds are possible?



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3 replies

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Tagging @Grace.H for some help with this!

Thanks @Liz 

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Hey @Flusk 👋

Great question! Unfortunately VideoAsk don’t currently support the ability to define conditions & logics based on variable values. We have a feature request for this though, so I’ll add an upvote to that on your behalf as a way of passing along your feedback.

Typeform does support this (more info here). I’m wondering if you could potentially use a combination of Typeform and VideoAsk to achieve what you’re hoping to do.

For example, you could create this form as a Typeform, but embed a videoask into certain questions where you want to incorporate a video element? Or the form could start as a Typeform, then you could redirect to a different videoask based on the variable value provided in the Typeform?

Let me know your thoughts on this idea. 😊