How to embed a VideoAsk conversation in a new way

  • 5 December 2022
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Hey Community,

I would like to embed a VideoAsk conversation on a webpage where it shows the entire conversation automatically and has the option to send a reply.

Ideally it would look like a blend between these two pages:


Image 1: Conversation share url

Image 2: Embed


In image 1 you can see and re-watch every message that has been sent in the conversation. However, this has to be toggled on in the backend (see image 3 below).


Image 3:


Is it possible for the show replies toggle to be switched on by default?


Is it possible to create an embeddable page that looks like Image 2, but all the replies are shown like in Image 1?


Thanks in advance for you help.


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Hi @Movement Monk, thanks for sharing your questions!

It’s not possible to toggle on ‘show replies’ by default within VideoAsk, but it is possible to programmatically enable this feature via our API. If you or someone on your team is a developer, you can set up this workflow pretty easily.

It’s not currently possible to embed the entire videoask conversation without the side panel that shows the thumbnail, videoask title, and URL. However, we can add this as a feature request! I totally understand why this would be useful for you as it helps create a cleaner interface and user experience.

Hey @andrew_videoask,

Thanks for your reply.

Can you please provide any guidance or point me in the direction of any documentation that may help to programmatically set that up?

Yes, if you could add that as a feature request that would be great. It would make it a much nicer user interface and would be great for coaches/clients who may need to refer to past messages.


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Sure @Movement Monk, happy to help with that 🙂

I’m attaching a screenshot below of the code you can use to toggle on replies:

You can find this code here in our API documentation. Make sure you select ‘Make all interactions’ shareable from the dropdown menu of the ‘Update a form’ endpoint.

Again, this is a more technical solution, but let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi there - any updates on this thread?  I don’t need everything the above poster asks for, but I am hunting for a way to share a whole conversation without giving that url on the left, which might lead to them sharing it around or answering it again. Thanks.

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Hi @Jeanne Dimmick thanks for stopping by! 😊

This feature hasn’t made it onto the roadmap yet, but I will add a +1 to it and keep everyone posted here if anything changes.