How to export Video Ask Questions and Answer Choices to Airtable

  • 5 December 2022
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Hi friends, im working on a monster Video ask with nearly 100 possible responses. Im trying to export those to airtable so I can drive customized reporting to the customer. I know I can do this manually but just wondering if there is a way to export them with zapier into the field in airtable?  Thanks! Kirsten


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6 replies

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Hi @kirsten, great question!

You should see a field in Zapier called something like “all responses”. You can use that single field/value to copy over all of the respondent’s answers to Airtable.

Let me know if you have any other questions! 

HI Andrew, Thanks for that suggestion but i was trying to figure out how to export the my answers they chose from rather than the answers the customer make> I think I may have figured it out though :)

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Glad to hear you think you solved it, @kirsten!

If you have any other questions, just holler 🙂

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Will VideoAsk be adding a native integration with Airtable on the roadmap? Similar to how Typeform has one.


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@Dana Good question! A native Airtable integration is not currently on the roadmap, but hopefully we can integrate directly with it down the road 🙂

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Hey everyone, we’ve also got this Help Center article on sending responses to Airtable with Zapier which hopefully helps 😊