LiveCall - Is How to View Submissions on the Session?

  • 21 November 2022
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WOW, I am absolutely blown away by the tech built by the Typeform team with VideoAsk - I’m SO excited to deploy this!

I’m especially interested in having my sales team try the “LiveCall” feature - but a few questions:

  • What happens if we get dozens of calls an hour? Is this manageable or is there a scalability issue? We have 4 reps, and they could all be logged in and grab calls when they can
  • When the sales rep does pick up, is there a way for her to be able to view everything that’s been submitted thus far on the VideoAsk? Our videoAsk has the user complete an application for a phone call, and of course the information entered by this point would be helpful for the sales rep.

Thank you! SUPER impressed with this tool and community


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@AdamL8773 I love seeing folks like yourself jump in and see all the potential for VideoAsk within their business! 
Let me start by unpacking the second part of your question…

If you want your reps to be able to review the results(responses) submitted prior to the live call step you should be able to achieve this with one simple tweak - move the live call to a new videoask and have the first videoask redirect to the Live Call videoask. 

VideoAsk holds onto to all answers until someone reaches the end (or abandons) a videoask, so if you keep the Live Call step in the same videoask as your initial questions you won’t receive the answers until after the call is complete. By separating these, VA will process the initial responses and by the time your rep settles into the call they should be able to see the response from the first videoask come through. 

What’s great about this is you can pass along the contact details from the first to the second VA so the whole process is essentially seamless to your respondents. 

There are some other nuances to this technique, but we can unpack those as you build the videoasks. 

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As for your scalability concerns, I’m sure the VideoAsk team will hop in with some more context, but in my tests additional calls that come in will ‘ring’ other users who are signed into that organization without interrupting users who are actively on a call. 

If no reps are available it will use your fallback logic; which people typically set up as an ‘open ended’ answer type to act as a way to leave a message, or (my favorite) set up the Calendly integration to book time on the sales rep’s calendar. 


Let me know if I can help more!



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Hey @AdamL8773 great to hear how much you’re enjoying both Typeform and VideoAsk! 

Some great ideas here from @DNALewis, good shout to put the live call feature into a second videoask to help you keep track of responses.

Dan is right, if someone on your team has already picked up a live call and then another person rings, it should come through to your videoask account so multiple calls can happen at the same time. 

It’s definitely a good shout to create a “voicemail” option so people can leave a message if the call can’t be answered and I like Dan’s idea of also integrating Calendly to get an appointment booked in so you don’t lose anyone along the way.


Let us know if you try it out, we’d love your feedback on the feature and using it with your sales team 😊


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Sounds great! Thank you all!

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Happy to help @AdamL8773 

Keep in mind VA offers other Calendar integrations, too - Help Center article or you can always use the redirect link to link out to your own scheduling platform (or anywhere else).