onboarding clients for terms and conditions

  • 14 February 2024
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I want the client to read a few of the important terms and condition aloud on video and say I accept , so I need the rems showing up one by one and they read and say I accept. how do I do this ?


Best answer by arfeen khan 14 February 2024, 17:44

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3 replies

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Hey @arfeen khan welcome to the community 😊

How are you sharing the videoask with the client? You could try adding the terms as overlay text on your video so that the client can read them from there, but there’s not a way to add a script to appear when someone starts responding.


when someone joins my program they are sent to a hub, the link to videoask will be there for them to click and go to my n boarding . the first video will ask them to give their full name , and what course they purchased the second video will ask them to read out the 5 terms around and say I accept after each term. the overlay idea seems like an option, will work out how to do that . thank you

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Great, let us know how you get on @arfeen khan 😊