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  • 31 January 2023
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We use VideoAsk for onboarding + ask our clients various questions regularly. They’re loving it so far.


1 major issue - sometimes our VideoAsk can have a bunch of questions and take quite some time. In case a user is unable to complete it in 1 sitting - our users need to be able to save their progress and resume.


How do they do this? Is this an upcoming feature?


Can they at least skip questions if they’ve already submitted once?


If we capture name + email - can we let them resume progress or skip questions?


I know partial submissions are visible in the VideoAsk form folder - but if someone wants to resume - can they input their name/email and resume where they left off?


We’re trying to provide an excellent customer experience and if their browser freezes/shuts down or they just need more time before resuming their VideoAsk submission - being unable to save your progress and having to start again from scratch leaves a sour taste..


Is there a way to send out a big VideoAsk in smaller chunks? Without having to break it into many separate forms and emailing manually?




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7 replies

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Hey @Tharun Sonti 

Welcome to the community, great to hear you’re using VideoAsk for onboarding! 

Definitely some good points made here, at the moment it’s not possible to save a spot within the videoask to pick it up later but this is something that’s on our feature request board so I’ve added a +1 to it. Skip a step is also a popular request and is being considered so fingers crossed it makes it’s way into the product 🤞

We’ve actually just posted a guide which could be helpful for you, @andrew_videoask has put together a workflow for emailing respondents that drop off your videoask:


They wouldn’t be able to pick up where they left off, but they could quickly move through the steps they’ve already completed to get to where they need to be. 

The only other option would be to break the videoask down into shorter videoasks. They could all link together via the redirect to URL option, or you could even set up something where when one is completed the next one is emailed out to them 🤔 

Hopefully this helps and thanks so much for sharing your feedback 😊

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Hi @Tharun Sonti I hope you’re having a great week so far! Were you able to use the suggestions above? Let us know if you still need help!

Any update on this feature? I am also using VideoAsk for client onboarding and being able to redirect them back to the step where they left off is huge! please keep me posted if there are any updates on this!

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Hey @Nikola Velickovic 👋

This is still not something that’s available as a feature right now, but we’re aware that it’s a popular request! We’re continually sharing this feedback with our Product team and I will add an upvote to the feature request about this on your behalf. You can subscribe to product updates/news here to stay in the loop.

Thanks so much for sharing! 😊

Our current work around is to create multiple videoask links and use Zapier to send the users a new link picking up from where they left off using the data provided in the contact form or variables associated with that particular user. i.e. if we have a 3 step videoask we would create 3. One with all 3 steps for new users. The second missing the first step for users that completed it and the last missing the first two. Would much rather prefer the ability to simply have them pick up where they left off but until then this is what we are doing. 

Thanks for sharing @Steady! I have a 5-step onboarding journey and 2 client segments, so this might get too messy if I split it into separate VideoAsks. But for now, this is the best work around for this problem. 

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Thanks for sharing, @Steady! 😊 In that case I’ll add an upvote to the feature request on your behalf too - every vote helps! Out of interest, what are you using VideoAsk for/what’s your usecase?