Use numerical options from a spreadsheet as answers in a videoask step

I’m trying to collect some data from potential customers. One of the fields we need to provide a pricing estimate is the square footage of their home. Right now, we’re just going to collect the number they tell us and then our customer service team would build a proper quote and email them. But, I can eliminate a couple steps if I can take the square footage number they gave us and and compare it against a google sheet that has the pricing data.

I did pose this question direct to videoask, and they did show me a way with conditional logic. However, there are thousands of possibilities of what people could say and using their method and I would need to create each one as an option.

We price things in 300 square foot blocks. So if someone’s house is between 1901 and 2200 square feet, the answer would be the same. I could do it with something like VLOOKUP in google sheets, but I don’t know how to integrate that into the videoask (or if it’s even possible). 


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Hey @bcondrey welcome to the community! 👋 

This may have already been suggested by the support team, but I’m wondering whether you have tried to integrate your videoask with Google Sheets? You could have a step in the videoask where you ask the customer to input their square footage (you could use the open-ended answer type and just toggle on the text reply option) and then that number would be sent over to the Google Sheet where you could use VLOOKUP to compare square footage with pricing maybe? 

There’s a guide on how to set up the Google Sheets integration on the community here


Let me know if you think that could work 🙏


@Grace Thanks for that. That looks like a good way to store answers, but is the integration 2 way? Can I use VLOOKUP in google sheets to match what they provided for square footage and then dynamically reply with the pricing information? 

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Ooh good question @bcondrey

You can send responses to your Google Sheets where you can then use VLOOKUP to calculate pricing, but then it’s not currently possible to send that information back to VideoAsk. I think it would have to be a manual process of responding to the customer. 

Unless using something like Make could help automate the process, it would certainly be a more complex setup, @andrew_videoask I don’t suppose you know if it would be possible to set something like this up?

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Hi @bcondrey 👋

This workflow (or something similar to it) should be possible using Make.

Respondents would start on VideoAsk A, answering your various questions including the square footage of their home.

At the end of VideoAsk A (and before redirecting to VideoAsk B), their square footage information would be sent to Make. This would run an automated workflow that looks up the square footage in Google Sheets, finds the corresponding price, generates VideoAsk B which includes the price, and then redirects the respondent from VideoAsk A to VideoAsk B.

I haven’t tested this myself, but it should work.

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Hey @bcondrey let us know how you get on with this, definitely a more complex solution but sounds doable! 

If there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime, feel free to get in touch 😊