Video Ask Media Library (Pexels) video format

  • 19 October 2021
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How to convert the normal video format to the Pexels video format in viedoAsk?



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5 replies

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Hi @Laks Thanks for stopping by the community! Tagging @Grace who should be able to help answer this question. :grinning:

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Hey there @Laks

Since Pexels is an external service it is not currently possible to create new Pexels content through VideoAsk. I found this page on the Pexels blog that talks about how you can contribute content to the platform directly if that’s what you’re looking to do!

I’d love to learn a bit more about what you’d like to achieve by converting a video into Pexels format. Perhaps you’re looking to include a video in your videoask without sound or the play button?

Looking forward to hearing more! :blush:

Hi @Maya 

Thanks, what I would like to do is update an existing video in videoask using API, I am using python. I thought we can’t update an existing video in mp4 format, so we would need a pexels format. Please correct me if I am wrong. The task is to update an existing video using API.


Thanks for your help


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Hi @Laks!

Thanks so much for getting back to us with some more info :top:  We’ve just updated our API documentation here with two new sessions:

  • How to upload a video to a new question
  • How to upload a video to an existing question

I think this could be what you’re looking for if you want to update an existing video through the API, so hopefully this will help, but let me know if you have more questions, or if there’s something else you are wanting to do via the API :blush:


Thanks @Grace