Videoask on Website creating tags in Keap

  • 9 February 2023
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I'm looking to use videoask on my website as a start here button to walk people through a series of questions that will hopefully cink to Keap in the form of tags depending on response. These tags will then automatically drop them into marketing campaigns. Can this be done?


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Hey @John Matthew Roney this sounds like a great idea!

You can definitely embed a videoask onto your website, we don’t have a direct integration with Keap but I believe you can use Zapier to link it up. 

You might have to do some testing with custom variables in terms of the tagging, perhaps @andrew_videoask might have some ideas about this one? 


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Hi @John Matthew Roney, this sounds doable!

Like @Grace mentioned, you’ll need to connect your videoask to a tool like Zapier or

Once you do that, you can set up some logic that applies tags in Keap based on each person’s responses. For example, if they answer Step 1 with “A” you can apply tag “A” in Keap… and so on.

Let me know what questions you have!

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Hey @John Matthew Roney happy Wednesday! Let us know if this helped or if you have any more questions about integrating your videoask 😊

Hola! :)
¿cómo puedo usar los tags para diferenciar los canales de las respuestas de Videoask en mailchimp?


Google Translate:

Hello! :)How can I use tags to differentiate channels from Videoask responses in Mailchimp?
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Hi @Gabriel Faubla, I’m not super familiar with Mailchimp, but you should be able to accomplish what you’re looking for using Zapier.

You can build an automated workflow that starts whenever your videoask receives a new response. Then, based on the content of that response, you can apply a tag to a contact in Mailchimp.

I hope this helps, and let me know what questions you have!

Lo intentaré! Genial! Muchas gracias!