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Team, I use both Typeform and VideoAsk. Am I correct in understanding that VideoAsk does not support advance logic (variables) currently?  

I’m asking respondents to self-assess in six categories. (6 questions with multiple choice responses).  After they answer those six questions, I’d like to perform calculations based on their answers to determine where they go next.  I know how to do that in Typeform.  It doesn’t appear possible in VideoAsk.


Thank you.


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Hi @BBBu ,

I’m a fellow community member - I don’t know the answer to this but I’m tagging a few Typeform experts who can give you insight on your answer. 

@Gabriel @Liz - can you help? 

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I've reached out to our VideoAsk expert @Maya. She should be able to advice 💪

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Hello @BBBu :blush:

First of all, that is awesome that you’re using both tools! You’ll see as you explore both that there are many things in common and other things that are quite different between Typeform and VideoAsk. One of those differences (for now!) is that VideoAsk does not allow for more advanced logic or scoring/calculating.

With VideoAsk you can of course use logic to move respondents through a unique flow with each answer they choose (for example, if they select option A go to Step 2, if they select option B go to Step 4, etc.) and redirect people from your videoask to other websites (or even another videoask or a typeform!) You can also pass along known information in the videoask URL with variables (known in Typeform as hidden fields) 

I hope this helps! :dizzy:

Hello everyone,


I’m having the exact same issue than @BBBu. I would like to score with a numeric value each question of my quiz so that in the end, depending on the resulting sum, you get different endings. Does anyone know if this is now possible in VideoAsk?