• 29 June 2023
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is it possible to have a chatGPT logic in Polish language - via text or microphone? I saw a note  Currently English is the only language supported by GPT-3 AI. If you would like to use this feature in another language, you can do so only with keyword matching. r What does it really mean that keyword matching? Is GTP-3.5 in a road map?


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Hey @mikePe it’s not currently on the roadmap but we do have it as a feature request so I will add a +1 to it and be sure to let you know if anything changes in terms of development.

Keyword matching means when you’re setting up the categories for each option you would need to add disable AI and only use keywords in Polish, but there is a chance it wouldn’t be as accurate as if it were in English. 

thx @Grace, is it possible to type the text instead go using microphone ?

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Hey @mikePe sorry I forgot to include a screenshot yesterday, there should be a toggle to disable AI and use keywords when you set up the voice answer type:



It’s voice activated so not possible to type a question to get it working you have to use the audio function.