Hidden fields available in webhook payload?

  • 28 January 2021
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Are Hidden fields available in webhook payload?

for example, I’m passing @user_id as a hidden field to the embed, then want the webhook to fire and include @user_id in the payload




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8 replies

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Hi @febula . Welcome to our community! :) 

Hidden fields are available in the webhook payload. There’s an example of how the payloads appear here, but if you aren’t seeing the data in the webhook, you may need to publish the form and/or submit a test response to see them appear. 

Hope that helps!

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@febula  As @Liz mentioned, they are. But looks like our example in the doc is missing them, sorry about that.

You will find them under the “hidden” property not in “answers”.


"event_id": "a_ramdom_string",
"event_type": "form_response",
"form_response": {
"form_id": "your_form_id",
"token": "another_ramdom_string",
"landed_at": "2021-01-28T20:29:43Z",
"submitted_at": "2021-01-28T20:29:43Z",
"hidden": {
"user_id": "hidden_value"
"definition": {
... all the questions in your form
"answers": [
... every answer to every single question answered


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@picsoung @Liz Thank you both!  Would be great if the docs mentioned this too.  :laughing:

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@febula We’re working on updating the docs. :) Thank you for pointing this out!

Hi @picsoung @Liz 

I still don’t see hidden fields listed in the docs for the example webhook payload.

We have a form set up with 3 hidden fields and we’re not seeing them in our live webhook payloads either.

Are there any settings we need to enable to send hidden fields over a webhook and any ETA on updating the docs?



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Hi @georges Are the hidden fields being collected in your responses? If they’re not included in your responses, either, you’ll want to be sure that any changes to the form are public. 

I’d also suggest contacting our support team from your account email here so they can test the webhook and see why the data isn’t appearing. 

Hey @Liz, thanks for the quick reply.


Yeah, we are seeing the hidden field values in our Google Sheet through the native integration, but not seeing them in webhook payloads. The “hidden” part of the payload isn’t there, just definition and answers.

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Hm, I would definitely suggest contacting our support team from your account email here so they can test the webhook and see why the data isn’t appearing, @georges , if you haven’t already.