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  • 16 November 2020
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Hi all, 

I found a great shortcut to access new comments and discussions since your previous visit to the community. It’s on the community drop down menu, see screenshot below .



If you click there you will see only new comments posted from your last visit, which is quite handy. So, here I can see that @maxgayler is the only new poster since the last time I popped by to the community. 

This may be useful to regular visitors such as @Christine_Werner@amy.carlson @Nordin @Marta or @james

5 replies

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Great tip, thanks @Gabriel!



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This is really useful @Gabriel! Thanks for sharing! 

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This is really useful @Gabriel! Thanks for sharing! 


Happy to help!

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Ah, that's nice! It is good that we can also filter by Recently active, most views and most replies. Very useful 👏🏻