• 10 December 2021
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~Hello everyone 🤚

~With a Simple and Best Method, how do I summarize the whole conversation in a simple, clear & accurate way ❓

~By A A Ranganda 👌


Best answer by Liz 10 December 2021, 17:51

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Hi @A A Ranganda Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week!

If by summarizing the conversation you’re referencing previously submitted answers, you can use our recall information feature for this. :grinning:

Hi @Liz , Happy to have you here! And hope you are doing!

Please 🙏 for how long can we recall the information futures ❓ from the beginning point to update ❓

Thanks a lot for your respond & Support 🙏

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Hi @A A Ranganda Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a good one. 

I’m not quite sure I understand the question. :\ Do you mind explaining a bit more what you’re looking to do?

The recall information feature works while the respondent is filling out the form, so they’ll be able to see the answers they’ve provided within that form

Hopefully that helps a bit!

Thanks a lot for your respond &  explanation 👌 to my questions 🙏

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Not a problem, @A A Ranganda ! Let us know if you think of any other questions.