2 HubSpot Apps in Typeform

  • 9 November 2021
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Hi guys - Anyone else notice that there are two HubSpot apps in Typeform at the moment?


What’s the difference?




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Hi @mellis Aha! You’ve noticed our slow rollout of the new Hubspot integration. We’re upgrading our Hubspot integration to include features like editing the integration once it’s connected and mapping additional fields like scores and custom variables. We’ve released this to 50% of customers right now and eventually, we’ll have it rolled out to everyone. Regardless, we’ll migrate those that are already connected to the integration in the backend.

I hope this helps clarify!

Does anyone know why the first HubSpot integration is not available anymore


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Hi @Cheryl Welcome to the community! I added your post here where we have the answer. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Can you confirm if it is because of your roll out, that our Typeforms in Hubspot forms are broken? 

We have a typeform, that is connected to our Hubspot, so that when someone fills out the typeform, the contact is automatically created in our hubspot. The form has been made by the Typeform integration, and is called: Please don’t modify ❘ Created by Typeform (ID: XXXXXX-XXX) . 

But as of today, that form in Hubspot does not seem to be “recieving” anything, even though the contact is being created in Hubspot but with a “Offline source” tag … 

Will this work again, or do we need to make a new typeform form again? 


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Hi @Maciej The integration should still be working. Have any edits been made to the form Typeform creates within Hubspot? If so, this would cause the integration to stop working. 

Hey Liz, nope, we have not made any changes to the Typeform in Hubspot, as we don’t “dare” to… 

It even says in our Hubspot that it has not been modified since 18 mar 2021, when we created it. 

We are also having the same problem. Typeforms and associated workflows were working yesterday, are not working today. I’ve tried disconnecting the integration, and reconnecting, but now the properties I could access in the old one are not longer appearing for me. How do I fix this? 

Hi there :wave: ,


until the 10th of November the integration between HubSpot and Typeform worked fine!

From the 10th of November 2021 contacts are not synced anymore and when I connect a new form with HubSpot, Typeform is not creating the form in Hubspot. 

Before, for each form connected from Typeform to Hubspot, we had as well a new form in Hubspot called “Please don’t modify ❘ Created by Typeform (ID: _____)” - this form was super helpful because we could connect it in our workflows:




 This is not happening anymore!


Is anyone experiencing the same issue?




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Hi @Maciej and @MT-eo our technical support team let me know they’ve noted this as a bug. Our developers are working on a solution, so as soon as I have an update on the fix, I’ll post that here! It should hopefully be fixed relatively fast since they’ve escalated the priority of it. 

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Hi @Riccardo I added your post here so you can get updates as the developers work on a fix for the bug. 

Is it possible to call you directly for assistance? I had a typeform synching perfectly before your update and now it is not. It’s been over 24 hours and there is still no fix. Extremely frustrating. 

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Hi @MT-eo We don’t have phone support, but do know that our developers are working on a fix. As soon as I have an update, I’ll post it here. 

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Hello, all! The issue has been solved by migrating any impact customers back to Hubspot V1. They’re working on a permanent fix for V2, but if you’re still having issues with the integration, please let our support team know here so they can help you.

I’m still having this issue of Typeform responses not being sent to Hubspot. If you agree with the fix, could you migrate me back to V1?

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Hi @Brian Jansen I would suggest contacting our support team directly from your account email here so they can help you further. :grinning:

Hello - I am running into the same problem as the thread above. I have two Typeforms integrated with HubSpot. They have ran perfectly for almost a year now but over the last 2 weeks, Typeform has stopped sending form submissions to HubSpot, but rather sending them over as contacts with no record of a form submission in Typeform. This is causing some problems with our qualification processes as the forms play a big role in our workflow. I see that the developers are working on this issue but is there any updates on the problem? Thank you!

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Hi @Ethan-Benali If you contact our support team from your account email with the URLs of the affected forms, they should be able to help you. :grinning:

You can get ahold of them here