400 Validation error in Notion Integration has returned - No changes made on either end

  • 23 July 2021
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Hi -  

I originally was getting a validation error with the notion integration because of a typing problem in the integration - but this was resolved and both my test survey and my client’s survey were running smoothly a few weeks ago.

Today we noticed that in mid July his survey stopped sending data to notion, although his google sheets integration is still receiving data. I deleted / remapped the survey to Notion and played around with the types in my test survey but i’m getting the 400 validation error on both surveys with no data passing to Notion. Unfortunately since i deleted and remapped the integration, the history was also deleted and so I can’t say exactly which day the data stopped going through. 

My clients survey is live and answers will continue to be logged by his employees  - so any help getting the Notion integration back up and running would be greatly appreciated!! 



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@grahamgrilli - from another user here.. 

you should probably log a help ticket at this link if you have not already- it will be faster than having this peer community troubleshoot if for you overnight.. 

and two vectors to a solution are probably better than one




ok great thank you for sharing!


the integration is still giving me an error. however, after remappng everything and testing the types, it appears the error is now with the ‘date’ type and the number type is passing correctly.

in addition, I am unable to respond to the help ticket response, despite receiving an email notification that my issue was being revolved. there seems to be an authorization error that loops me back to my surveys dashboard every time i log into the help center. so please respond here or in y direct messages if possible! the support ticket response got through but only because i could read the email preview.

all of the support / authorization aside, it does appear that the date type is now having an issue. i’ll test on my client’s survey but on my dummy test survey i’m getting the validation error when i try to pass a date

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Hello @grahamgrilli! Happy Thursday! :blush:

The best way to solve your issue is with our Support team. Here at our community, we try to help as much as we can, however, we cannot access your account to troubleshoot and find the issue. 

We've talked with our Support team and it seems you got a solution on Monday (26th July). Can you confirm it's working now?

Hoping you'll resolve this as soon as possible. :slight_smile:



i’m not sure what happened but i just checked the client survey and it seems like it is going through as of this morning. i’ll check on the data types and see if there’s any other issues but if the data is passing than i am happy and will eave you guys alone! lol


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Glad to hear it’s working, @grahamgrilli ! Let us know if you think of any other questions. :grin: