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  • 7 April 2021
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I was trying 1000 times, reintegrating typeform with and I still cannot map any fields from typeform. 

I noticed by accident that the classic builder forms do match! But then I went to my classic old form, clicked publish and it changed to a NEW typeform and now I cannot map it anymore. 

Any way how can I revert to an old classic form? or why the integration does not work with the new typeform?


3 replies

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Hi @mamutmi welcome to the community! In your screenshot, is the ??? an error you’re receiving? Or are you noticing that the fields you’re seeing there are different than the ones in your form? Any screenshots you can provide of your form, too, would be great!


Hi @mamutmi , I was facing a similar issue while integrating Typeform with some other internal tools. We are using Nodezap for creating process automation and workflows. I was able to integrate Typeform with Nodezap with less efforts and I can get the real time data on it’s dashboard.

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Hi @Dinesh sounds like a great solution! If you don’t mind sharing any screenshots/videos of your setup, we’d love to see it!