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Create charts from Typeform responses using

  • 15 February 2024
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Create charts from Typeform responses using
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Hey there, it's Baptiste from Agent Studio! I want to share my journey of solving a common problem with you: creating beautiful charts from Typeform responses. 


I had a client who needed spider charts within a report for their automation project. I tried different options like Google Sheets, Looker, and Docmaker, but none of them quite met the aesthetic standards we were aiming for. That's when I stumbled upon, and it turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle.


Here's the breakdown: I used Typeform to collect responses, Google Sheets for data management, and for the chart creation. 



Report example


To achieve the desired look, I created a background image using Figma and a Google Docs template to display the final result. By replacing variables and aligning the graph with the background image via Make, I was able to create visually stunning reports.


You can test how it works for yourself by filling in this dummy version of the typeform:


If you're curious about the entire workflow head over to the full tutorial post here on the Typeform Developer blog.


I explain there:

  • How to create the typeform
  • Calculating average scores for each assessment using Google Sheets
  • Generating the graph with
  • Automatically inserting the graph into a Google Docs template via Make
  • Sending the generated report automatically via email to the respondent

I hope you find this useful, I'd love to get your thoughts on this approach. What other use cases can you think of for this? Have you tried auto-generating graphs from Typeform responses and how does your method compare?



4 replies

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Wow this is very cool, thanks so much for sharing with the Community @Baptiste Jacquemet 😁


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This is such a cool solution @Baptiste Jacquemet 😎 thanks very much for sharing. Great job for building it. This one might be of interest to you @john.desborough I know you’re a Document Studio kinda guy but wondered if you’d thought of using QuickChart as an alternative?


@Michaela - tagging you here too for visibility into Baptiste’s nifty Make solution for auto-chart creation💡


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@Baptiste Jacquemet @James - nice use case.. I will take a look into this ..

curious to know if you are using the Community or Professional version of QuickChart? 



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@john.desborough Hey. Thank you.

It uses Quickchart’s Community edition