Creating a Google Drive folder for each respondent and storing their images there

  • 17 August 2021
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I’d like to ask your help with an integration we are trying to achieve. We are using a form to recruit participants for a study. The desire flow is as follows:

  1. We send participants a link to a form in Typeform.
  2. In the form we ask the participant their name.
  3. In the form we ask the participant to upload three images.
  4. When the participant submits the form, a Google Drive folder with the participant’s name is created, and the three images they uploaded via the form are put into that Google Drive folder.

So far we have been able to create a Google Drive folder with the participant’s name; and we have been able to upload the submitted images to a preselected Google Drive folder. But we haven’t been able to put the submitted images in the folder with the participant’s name, this is the step we are having trouble with.

Do you have any suggestions as to how this flow might be achieved? All ideas are welcomed : )

Thank you in advance for your time. Kind regards


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Hello @Developer at OZ! Happy to have you here! :blue_heart:

Our integration with Google Drive allows you to choose a folder to upload a file to. You could make it dynamic by using form logic to get to different upload questions depending on how they answer previous questions. Then map each upload question to the wanted folder. However, I'm afraid you cannot choose the folder name and file name based on customer input in the form. 

This article contains more details about how our integration with Google Drive works. Let me know if it's useful to you!

Wishing you an incredible day! :sunny:

Hello, I connected my Google Drive to Type Form successfully, however the only option I have is “Root Folder” when selecting a folder to save the files. 

I am NOT able to select a different folder, why is that please? I need help.

Thank you