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  • 26 July 2021
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I’ve been using an embedded from for about 3 years now. And then it stopped loading on the website.

On the website it will say “[my account name] refused to connect.”

I’m stymied on what the problem is because nothing really has changed. Here’s what I’ve tried.

  • In my Typeform account, I’ve confirmed that the form still works. I can go directly to it’s link and it loads perfectly
  • On my website hosting- and locally- I’ve tried re-copying the code snippet (the full page version). I’ve also tried other formatting like the Standard and Pop-Up options- but they do not work. 

I’ve confirmed that  my hosting looks fine- I can make other adjustments to the website and it works fine  content changes/color changes). And I’ve confirmed that the form is not broken on  Typeform. It seems like it’s the relationship between the two items? I’m not sure what else to try.



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4 replies

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@megansmith117 - this is from another user

is your site http:// or https://? there is a recent post about a change from a security perspective that requires https:// in order embedded typeforms to work. 


@Liz - sorry but i could not find the post, if you can link to it please.. 





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here’s the link


@John perfect! That definitely explains the sudden change. Appreciate the link!

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Thanks for the help, @john.desborough ! Let us know if you think of any other questions, @megansmith117 . :grin: