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  • 19 March 2021
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How do you map the File Field to Salesforce and have it save your file?


If that is not possible, then how do you or can you connect google drive to pick up the file loaded in the file field in a form that is mapped to Salesforce as well?


Thank you to anyone that can help!


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7 replies

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Hi @John@MMC ! Thanks for stopping by the community. We haven’t added this option natively yet, but we do have a workaround here. It will require a bit more advanced knowledge of Salesforce, just as a heads up!

Hello @Liz. We clicked on the link but unfortunately, File is not an object in salesforce. So where can we create the look-up relationship that is required for mapping?

What we are trying to achieve is to get the entire form response into one record of the custom object. We were able to save all other answers of the form into salesforce but the form also has a file that needs to come into salesforce. Since the file is not a data type(i.e., type of field in salesforce), we need a way to get the file into salesforce and attach it to that record.



How to bring File field in Typeform into Salesforce?


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Hi @John@MMC I asked my colleagues about this, and it actually is possible to map the file upload field regularly, though it will send as a URL link that will require a login to access the file. Though, we have shared this request for a fully supported file upload field, so if there is any progress on this, I can let you know in the thread here. :) 

@Liz I tried what you said and it works. Thank you.

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Woot! Glad to hear @John@MMC ! Let us know if you think of any other questions. 

Hi @Liz just to confirm if I'm interpreting this thread correctly. I’m trying to store the files uploaded to my form along with the rest of the response information on Salesforce. Can i follow the information here to directly store the file on Salesforce?

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Hi @JosephFan Our native integration will store the URL, not the file directly, so you would need to use another source such as Zapier to extract that file.