Google sheet ownership change

  • 1 February 2023
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A team member of mine who has the ownership of google sheet linked to type form is leaving the firm.

We tried changing the google sheet ownership to someone else, it was successful but we stopped getting responses in the sheet.

The thing is a lot of team members use the same sheet for various purpose, so i dont want to change the sheet or create a new sub sheet.
Is there a way that the ownership is changed but the same sheet continues receiving the responses?

7 replies

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Hi @ackouser Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the sheet in the integration settings? This might solve that issue. 

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Hey @ackouser happy Wednesday! Did you try disconnecting reconnecting the sheet yet? Hopefully that cracked it, but let us know if you still need help 😁

Hey @Liz or @Grace or anyone else

This happened to us too and we did not notice that the survey responses had stopped syncing until he left (and some more months). I did not want to loose any of the data so I did as you suggested. It appears then that my former colleague had managed to continue syncing to the spreadsheet but the form had actually been renamed - so when disconnecting the integration and connecting it again (same spreadsheet) it created a new tab. The old tab also had the information about the disconnected time to it so I don’t know if it would have worked regardless. 

This is now resulting in two different tabs but as the original author says - we have processes and other tabs syncing that depends on the original tabs data. 

Any idea how to solve this issue? ie I have two tabs that I want to be merged to the “old” one?

Thank you!

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Hi @HannaJ This is a really great question. I believe because of the change in ownership, there isn’t a way to merge the two tabs. But, it could also be worth asking our tech support team here just to be sure!

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@HannaJ @Liz @Grace - one thing  you can do in google sheets is a bit of a hack but i have used it for a client:

  • navigate to the ‘old tb’ and go to the bottom of the data set 
  • on the first empty row you can ‘pull’ all the data into the old tab, from the new tab, using the arrayformula() function - which you would enter into the first empty row with the appropriate ‘lookups’ to the new tab to pull the data 
    • i use the arrayformula function a lot in report generation and there are a couple of Community webinars where i show this in operation 
  • when you put the necessary formula in each cell of the blank row, it will pull in each new record on the new tab - giving you a complete data set on your original tab name - in case you use it in any other downstream processes or integrations. 

i’ve shown a bit of an example in the image below: - zoom into the image and you will see the arrayformula() function in the A6 cell - in the example, the rows above the highlighted line were copied into the tab - simulating the old form entries, Then i copied in the line of arrayformula()’s to pull in the data from another tab. 

everything you see below the highlight is pulled from the ‘new tab’ in your scenario. 


give this a try - if it works, pay it forward and buy a stranger a coffee. 



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Nice one thanks for sharing this @john.desborough

Let us know if you try this out @HannaJ @ackouser 😊

Thank you! This is exactly what I too figured out I would do, and did at first. But I could not figure out (not a Typeform issue rather a lack of knowledge in spread sheet) how to pull in data from the new tab when those entries come from the top, and not added at the bottom. I don’t know why this happen as every other survey the responses are added at the bottom, but this one pulled the latest at the top. So, there is some strange formula I have to create to look up if new entries are added. 

do you have an idea of solution to this? I am thinking either

  1. how can I have the responses from Typeform be added at the end and not in the top of the table?
  2. how can I add a formula to that array so that it checks if the line on row 2 (except the header line) is the same as the previous and then don’t do anything, if it is not the same as the last row, then arrayformula() funktion of that line.