Integration with Intercom.

  • 25 March 2021
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Is there a way to send specific answers to Intercon to populate the qualification fields in the intercom?

Case: let's say NPS campaign
question 1—10
We need to send the score (the answer) to the intercom as an attribute, so we can see that a specific user has a specific score.

Same story with any data.
If I'm asking, any details, such as company name, size, etc. I'm getting a notification in the intercom with the preview of all answers, but I need an automation solution to populate corresponding fields 




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3 replies

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Hi again @Andy ! You can map information from Intercom into a Typeform hidden field, but it isn’t currently possible to map the data from Typeform back into the attributes in Intercom. Though, you could use Zapier to update the user information through one of the zaps here. Would this help at all? 

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Ok, integration w/o automation ;) 
I hoped that with “kinda native” integration, there is no need it Zaps

anyway, thx for your answer


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@Andy I can share this feedback with our product team! I’d also encourage you to post it below for some extra visibility, too!