Is it possible to pass the TypeForm submission_id or token to a PipeDrive deal?

  • 26 November 2021
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I’m playing around with the TypeForm > PipeDrive integration.

I’ve mapped my questions to some system and custom fields.

We’re also computing TypeForm responses in a back-end application. In order to merge data from our database with the TypeForm deals in PipeDrive we would need to pass submission_id or token to the PipeDrive deal along with the mapped responses. 

is there any native or easy work-around for this?

I’ve thought about creating a random number question field and use it as an id to pass to PipeDrive and our back-end app but we have many TypeForms which would make it heavy to create and maintain.

Looking forward to getting hot tips on this topic.

Thanks a lot.


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Hello @alexis_from_uniseed! Welcome to the Typeform Community! :blue_heart:

I've checked with our technical team and they told me you can only send question answers through. You cannot map the submission_id.

What you could try on this situation is using hidden fields with the integration, so you can pass through a unique identifier for each response. Do you think this would help you? You can read more about the hidden fields feature on this article.

Let me know if this workaround helps you, I hope it will! ​​​​​​​Wishing you a great weekend! :hugging: