Mapping Fields in Pipedrive: Nothing but 'Questions'?

  • 14 April 2021
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Pipedrive’s documentation promises we can “map any Typeform block, Hidden Field or score to Pipedrive Deal fields.”

However, the integration only allows us to map to Typeform questions. Hidden fields are note visible...this is a paid/premium feature. (We’re using free, so this is understandable).

Any other text/content blocks are not available as mappable fields.

Does anyone have a workaround or is this just a case of inadequate/misleading documentation?


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4 replies

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Hi @JesperBerg thanks for stopping by! Apologies for any confusion. Statement blocks don’t collect any information, so while they are a block in Typeform, they aren’t one that has data associated with it and thus, has nothing to collect or pass through. This is why that block isn’t appearing in the integration, but I can also understand how this is misleading if referencing all Typeform blocks. 

Do you mind sharing the documentation you’re referencing? If it’s on Pipedrive’s site, I’m afraid we don’t exactly have control over what’s on their site, but we can reach out to them to ask for changes!

Map any Typeform block, Hidden Field or score to Pipedrive Deal fields. You can map to the base Pipedrive Deal fields like Value and Currency, or to any of these custom deal fields: Text, Autocomplete, Large Text, Numerical, Monetary, Single Option.

The issue is the Question blocks contain responses that are insufficient to serve as deal titles. So, we want to add in more descriptive deal titles. Hidden fields seems to be the only option, but the form contains other content blocks/information that we’d prefer to use.

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Got it, thanks! I’ve shared this with the product team, but I’d also suggest reaching out to Pipedrive to share your feedback on this, too, so they can improve the integration they’ve built!


Voting this is quite a crucial element that is missing for us!