Name and address fields showing as blank when integrated with Teams and Excel

  • 27 January 2023
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I have recently made my first few forms and have integrated them with Excel and Teams to view the submissions. There are a bunch of fields that are just blank, even though I know they were filled out. Is this a GDPR thing or some kind of setting I can change?



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Hi @solartat Happy Friday! Do you have these fields marked required on your form? If not, the respondent may not have answered the questions and thus, no data would appear. 

Hi Liz! I have them as required fields and no data appears within my integrations. Is there anything else that you could suggest that would be causing the blank fields? Thanks for your response!

@Liz if it helps solve the issue, I have just checked and the fields are showing as completed and I can see the data via the results tab on Typeform, they just don’t show up on the integrated apps (Teams and Excel). It seems to only be details like name and address that aren’t showing up, hence my question about GDPR… hmmm 🤔

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Hm, it may be worth disconnecting and reconnecting those apps, @solartat , to see if that solves the issue. If that doesn’t do it, you’ll want to contact our support team here since they can log into your account and get to the bottom of this! 

Thank you @Liz I have tried to disconnect and reconnect and still experiencing the same issue. I will reach out to the support team to see if they can help 👍

Solved! Turns out that Typeform isn’t able to integrate any of those contact detail fields with teams or Excel. In fact, the selection that it can integrate with is extremely limited. Beyond annoyed that we have purchased a business account to integrate with our systems and it simply cannot be used. Really not good at all! Thanks for your help regardless @Liz !

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Hi @solartat Thank you for sharing that! I also didn’t know this. Our tech team confirmed that the contact field is restricted to certain integrations, which is shared here, but I’ve asked about updating this in the integration articles because I didn’t think to look at that article on the contact field for reference.