One typeform feeding to multiple Google Sheets?

  • 11 November 2021
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I would like to have a single Typeform feed two different Google Sheets depending on the response the respondent gives.  For example, if they say “yes” to one question, I want them to feed into one sheet, and if they say “no,” I want them to feed into another.  Is this possible?


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Hi @Jonathan Twombly Welcome to the community! While this isn’t possible with our native integration, you can do this using a service such as Zapier or Integromat. In Zapier, you’ll need to use their filter function to filter the data and send it to the sheet accordingly. 

@Michaela can provide more information about setting this up in Integromat!

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Hello @Jonathan Twombly , welcome to the community! :wave::blush:

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So this is something that can, indeed, be easily achieved with Integromat


Situation: Let’s say I have a typeform in which I ask about people’s dessert preference (cake vs ice cream). I want to store everyone who wants to have some cake in one spreadsheet and everyone who asked for ice cream in another sheet. 


Sooo let’s head over to Integromat’s scenario builder and:

  • select the ‘Watch Responses’ Typeform module, create a connection between Typeform and Integromat and select the form you want to monitor


  • in order to create two pathways in which to send your data (i.e. cake vs ice cream responses), you’re gonna need to add Integromat’s in-built tool called a ‘router’ to your scenario
  • add two ‘Add a Row’ Google Sheets modules, create a connection between Google Sheets and Integromat, select the spreadsheets you want to update with the incoming responses and map the values you want to move from Typeform to your sheet from the Typeform module
  • finally, in order to send info about cake and ice cream to the correct sheet, we need to set up some conditional logic using filters: click the dotted line between the router and the GS module, label the filters and set up the logic so that 

if the answer to Cake/Ice Cream equals Cake → send data to Google Sheet 1

if the answer to Cake/Ice Cream equals Ice Cream → send data to Google Sheet 2


Finally, you can hit ‘run once’ and send some testing data to your form to see if all works flawlessly. 

Weeeell and this is what the full scenario would look like



If you’re curious to see what other options there are when working with Typeform and Google Sheets on Integromat, you can check out the currently available features of the integrations here:

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To start exploring the automation fun, you can simply sign up for a free Integromat account and get the party started :blush: