Passing Hubspot email hidden field to Typeform URL

  • 20 November 2021
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Hello. I am using HubSpot landing pages and have a from that on submit, I am passing them over to Typeform with URL parameters based on information they provided. The problem I am having is that the Hubspot email is encoded @ to %40 and Typeform is not recognizing it as an email. 


Anyone have a workaround for this? I am using a script to redirect after Hubspot form submit.


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6 replies

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Hi @nowitmatters Welcome to the community! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. 

I sadly don’t think we have any workarounds for this. @mathio might have some that I’m not familiar with, I hope!

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Hello there @nowitmatters 

%40 is actually standard URL encoding for @ characters. I can see it working just fine in my form here:

Maybe Hubspot is not encoding the URL twice, resulting in something like the URL below?

Hello @mathio , thank you for taking some time on this. The problem I am having is that I am trying to pass the information as a hidden field so I don’t have to ask the email question again.

I am realizing now though that if I pass the email in the URL when they submit the form, those values will be available on the results page, so I don’t even have to present the question in the first place?

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….. pass the information as a hidden field so I don’t have to ask the email question again.

Then dont ask it 😃

Per hidden fields docs you can not pre-populate answers, but your hidden field will be saved with the response. If you dont always have the email value available maybe you can use logic to only show the email question if the hidden field is empty.


Thank you again @mathio and @Liz for pointing them towards me. I was overthinking the whole problem and realized I don’t even need to ask these questions since I can just pass the information and reference that for the HubSpot integration. Thank you!

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Ah duh, of course! Can’t believe I missed that ha. Monday brain, @nowitmatters . Thanks, @mathio !!