Prepolulate input fields with values from other site

  • 10 November 2021
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I want to embed a typeform-form in my site to get/collect information from visitors. Some visitors are logged in to my site (and … others are not)

My question: is it possible to prefill of prepopulate on a secure way input fields in an embeded typeform-form with values from my site?

So not with a url like, but without a ‘visible’ url.

Is it possible with an API? Or perhaps via socalled Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM).


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3 replies

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Hi @Jozef Welcome to the community! The only way to pass information into Typeform through an embedded form is through the URL within the embed. You can read more about this here

One thing to note is that you need to be able to grab this information from somewhere, which may require you to write some code to pull in the data. @picsoung may have some advice for you, but this will largely depend on how you would like to obtain the data about your respondents. 

@Liz thank you for the answer. So, besides the ‘url with parameters’, there is no way to pass variable-values to Typeform-form, even not by SSO / SAML?

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Hello @Jozef , typeform embed library uses URL hash (fragment) to pass your data. This part of URL is not sent to the server from your browser so your data should be safe.