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  • 9 June 2021
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We created a job application form where applicants can upload resumes, we are receiving up to 2K applications every month, for now all uploaded resumes need to be downloaded. Is there a way that we can view the PDFs online instead of downloading them?

We connected the upload question to the google drive but it doesn't create a URL, we either have to go to the link folder and manually search for the resume or click the response sheet and download the file. This takes a lot of time. :(.



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6 replies

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Hi @hello_atom Wow! Sounds like you have a great place to apply. :grin:

If you aren’t already, you can view the files online by clicking in the “Results” section of your form and then clicking on the file itself within the result as shown below: 


This isn’t necessarily viewing them online, but if you’ve shared the workspace with other members, they should have access to the form responses. 


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Hi @hello_atom did this help at all? :grinning:

Hi -- I am having the same issue -- we prefer to preview these documents in a browser tab then have them download --  is this possible?

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Hi @Abbey We don’t have this capability within the product, I’m afraid, but happy to share this feedback with the product team. 

Hi Liz - I wonder if you’ve managed to get any feedback from the product team on this capability?

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Hi @JoshuaCasey I’ve shared this feedback with product, though we don’t receive immediate responses from them once we share feedback. The product team looks at requests and feedback and narrows down what they’ll be building based on priorities and needs. Of course, if we have any updates on this, I’ll share it here!