Sharing 2 separate typeforms to two separate columns in pipedrive

  • 9 March 2021
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Good Afternoon,

We recently integrated one typeform into Pipedrive, however when we went to integrate the other typeform, typeform says you have already integrated Pipedrive to typeform. Is there a way to have 2 or more type forms linked to various columns in our Pipedrive deal sheet?

Also, is there a way to update to add our customized fields here?


2 replies

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Hi @Orange Grove Lending thanks a great question! You should be able to select your Pipedrive account and the stage you’d like to send it to. If that isn’t working, would you mind sending a screenshot? 

As for the fields, we only support Deal custom fields, and only some field types like “text”, “enum”, “monetary”, “numeric”. If you have created a custom field, but its type is “Person”, it is unsupported. If you make your customer field a "text" field it should appear. Hopefully that helps a bit!

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Hi @Orange Grove Lending ! Were you able to connect your Typeform account to Pipedrive?