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Estamos diseñando un formulario que solicita a los usuarios que carguen algunos documentos. Prevemos que los usuarios subirán más de 4 Gb, por eso planeamos utilizar la integración de Google Drive. En ese escenario, ¿los datos cargados usan el espacio en TypeForm?


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Hi @Edna Melgarejo. Welcome to the Typeform Community :hugging:


I'll answer your question in English because this is the language we use in the community. I hope you don't mind. =)


Be assured the space you use when integrating with Google Drive won't be considered for the storage usage you have at Typeform. Feel free to upload as many images as you need and that won't impact your limit. 


Hope this helps!

Thank you @Mariana for your answer! It is very helpful.

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My pleasure @Edna Melgarejo =) I'm happy to help! :hugging:



I have been using Typeform over >5 years. So far love it. 


Now on my form, I’d like to get respondents to upload images. Since I keep using the Typeform over the years the 4GB definitely not enough. I have integrated with Google Drive for the file upload of that question.

I found in this thread the storage used after integrating with Google Drive does not count as usage.

However when I test uploading the file I found the link to the file upload is actually this:


So the file I believe is still stored on Typeform and I am worried about using over the limit. May I clarify again after integrating with Google Drive the storage limit is no longer applied?



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Hi @travis Thanks for stopping by and great question! When integrating with Google Drive, the files are still counting towards the Typeform limit. What I would suggest is instead using a URL question to have your respondents share the URL where they have the file stored so you won’t have to worry about going over the limited. 

Of course, if you’re only collecting a few files, I wouldn’t worry about the limit, but if you’re collecting hundreds, then I would definitely suggest the URL question. 

Hello @Liz

Requiring the respondents to upload the file to somewhere else then paste the link is not really feasible since we have >10k responses a year… Is there anything in the roadmap that allows the files to be uploaded to Google Drive then discard the file on Typeform? In this way this reduces the burden on Typeform as well and expanded the Typeform usability significantly.


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Hi @travis We don’t currently have a feature like this on the roadmap, but you could delete the responses once you’ve exported the data (to be sure you don’t lose it!).