Tracking data for GTM config

  • 16 March 2021
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Hi Community, im trying to figure out exactly what data Typeform sends over to GTM. I know that Typeform sends the following events:

  • TypeformFirstInteraction
  • TypeformQuestionPassed
  • TypeformSubmit

I assume that those are event names, sent as ‘event’ dataLayer’s event field. Is that correct? Are there any other data send over, e.g. event label, category. I need to know this to configure GTM triggers and dispatch the data to Google Analytics.

7 replies

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Hi @Jurijs Kovzels thanks for stopping by! That is correct - we do send those events. I’m afraid there aren’t other events or data we send at this time, but if you have any requests, I’m happy to share the feedback to our product team. 

Hi @Liz thank you for your reply. It would be handy to have so an indication of which question was passed, its index, or even name. 

Plus, if I need to track few forms in one GA property how can I distinguish events from one or another? 


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Hi @Jurijs Kovzels you can distinguish which forms the events are coming from by searching for the typeform ID in the search box for the All Pages report within Google Analytics. From there, you can narrow down where the submission events are deriving from. 

Hi @Liz ! reading through this thread, I wonder if there is an official documentation you can share about this topic? specifically interested in technical documentation if the data that is available for the 3 events mentioned above (working under the assumption that these are the only ones). Thanks! 

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Hi @Gali Welcome to the community! We have our help center article here about the GTM integration. Is that what you’re looking for? :grinning:

Hi @Jurijs Kovzels and @Gali  do you have any updates on this thread? 

I’m in the same spot and the support didn’t help me as they said they don’t support GTM integrations only the Google Analytics and Facebook ones.



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Hi @LeandroH what is the issue you’re experiencing? If you could provide a bit more detail and/or any screenshots, that would be helpful!