Turning off cookie for multiple use form HUBSPOT

  • 23 February 2021
  • 3 replies

We use a form to capture clients details but the form is filled in by a member of staff. I push this data to Hubspot to create a client record. Problem is Hubspot sees the cookie and attributes the clients to the same company due to the cookie from the one member of staffs computer. 


How do I stop this? 

3 replies

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Hi Welland,

I have my Typeform integrated with Hubspot as well. I believe there was an option during the integration process asking about Cookies. Have you removed the integration then gone through the process again to see if it’s an option in that process? 

Hi thanks for the reply. I did basically that deleted it, started again. 


I can’t turn it off in TF but Hubspot has a feature in the settings where you force it to make a new contact. 


Im hoping that works, tried it once and it worked. 

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Great! I hope it continues working for you 😊