"Typeform Submit" event not showing up on Ads Manager

  • 27 July 2023
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Typeform Submit under Results Column shows as (-)



We´ve started leveraging Typeform to collect leads for my client. 

We´ve connected our FB pixel with TF following the steps laid out in the article here. However I see 0 Typeform Submissions tracked on Ads Manager as seen on the image above.


Interestingly though I see “some” results tracked on the pixel under Events Manager. These are far from the real numbers. 


Could anyone help me understand why some results are tracked under the pixel and why I can´t see these numbers on Ads Manager? Additionally, perhaps there´s something we haven´t implemented correctly for the Typeform <> Meta pixel integration?




4 replies

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Hi @yoncakurtay Most likely, this has to do with the cookie and browser settings of the respondent. If the respondent has cookie tracking turned off, either in general or for specific websites, then the data will not send. 

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Hi @yoncakurtay how’s it going? Let us know if you still need help with this one or have any follow up questions! 😊

Hey @Grace, thanks for following up and thanks @Liz for your reply. 

I don´t have a resolution to my situation yet unfortunately. It´s just weird that some events appear under the Events Manager yet I don´t see them in the Ads Manager view. 

I´d appreciate if there´s anyone out here who can view the “Typeform Submit” event in their Ads Manager view (most likely under the “Results” column if that´s what your ad is optimising towards”, if you can give me a shout-out? 

Thank you!


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@HC Marketing might have some insight on this!