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  • 12 October 2021
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Hey everyone, I’m attempting to use Integromat to update a form’s dropdown field choices, however I keep getting errors. Neither of them make sense, really.

The first one about the title, I’ve taken the original title (retrieved via a List Forms module) and just dynamically filled it, and I’ve handtyped a name in there, but regardless it says it’s missing. 

The second one, about the missing Type parameter, they’re right, my module has no field for me to fill in a Type, however when I use a Get Form to check it has a Type value. I have no idea how to resolve this because I can’t provide the module the data it requires. 



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3 replies

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Welcome to the community, @Enyetahip !

@Michaela Do you happen to know what this error is in Integromat? 

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Hello @Enyetahip , welcome to this awesome community :slight_smile:

Hey @Liz and everyone, happy Friday!

Ok so judging from the screenshots, the error was caused by missing the ‘Fields’ - Title and Type

In my case (I was updating the dropdown menu based on new Google Sheet rows), the setup looked like this:

The trick, however, is that when you update your form, you need to send all fields (the new and the remaining ones). You can see the warning in the description of the Update a Form module

If you’re gonna need assistance with this, feel free to ask the questions and I’ll do my best to help :blush:


Side note: For reference, I’m also leaving the links to 

:arrow_right: the Typeform integration on Integromat

:arrow_right: the Typeform suport documentation


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Thank you so much, @Michaela !! Did that help solve the issue, @Enyetahip ?