Using GTM to track embedded form submits for GA4

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I have some  a Typeform embedded on a website page. 

I would like to start using GA4 in place of UA. However, as there is no integration for GA4, I thought I could use the GTM integration instead to track form submits as an event and pass this into GA4 to track as a conversion.

I have added the Typeform GTM integration with the correct GTM code, but the submit event is not firing when I preview my GTM on the site. 

Please can you outline the steps I should follow to make sure my embedded form events show up in GTM?

I have set up the trigger to listen for the custom event “TypeformSubmit”



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Thanks @charles_my, that finally clarifies this topic.
I’ve been trying to get this to work for a few days now.

Essentially: Embedded forms cannot be tracked in GA4, because even though GTM works fine, the integration with Google Analytics is still needed, which isn’t available for GA4 atm

@Liz Is it possible to update this thread, as soon as this is solved.
Probably as soon as GA4 integration is ready.