Why is my hidden field causing my Airtable connection to error out?

Hi there,

I’ve been using the Typeform Airtable connection for months without issue. Now, I added a custom field to my form and the connection is breaking. The custom field is just text. I have tried mapping this field to a short form, long form, and even an email field in Airtable. I get an error each time.


I tested my form and can see the hidden field populating correctly in the Form results.


I read this support article and it says that hidden fields must be mapped to either short form, long form, or email fields in Airtable (which is why I tried all three).


I know for sure that the hidden field is causing the connection to error out.


Any ideas why this might be happening?


Thanks in advance!


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Hey @jdb425! Welcome to our Community!

Have you tried removing the integration and adding it again to see if you can fix this? I'm also tagging @picsoung and @mathio that might have an idea of why this is happening!

Hey @Gabi Amaral, thanks for the quick reply. I did remove and add the integration (multiple times actually). 


@picsoung and @mathio look forward to hearing what you think.



Any updates to this @Gabi Amaral ? We currently have hidden fields that are stopping the Airtable integration from going through. They are hidden fields sending to a Short Text Field Type in Airtable.

It’s blocking any new survey pathways to Airtable for our team unfortunately. 

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@bsinram - you might want to raise a help ticket with Typeform support at this link to get a second vector of support going on this. They should be able to inspect the backend of your form and potentially identify the issue.. 

Sounds good, I’ll open that ticket now. In the meantime, if anyone has other ideas, please let me know.

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Our team is working on it, as soon as there's an update, I'll post it here! Thanks!

Thank you!

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Thanks @Gabi Amaral! Fwiw I can confirm this is a regression because it was working for me as recently as May 20.

I am hoping to do something similar. I would like to have multiple typeforms that connect to each other with url redirects at the end. Each for needs to write data to a different table, but always be linked to the user. I was hoping I could use a hidden field as the linked field. Is this possible?


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@robbduke if you’re saying you want to pass a hidden field from typeform to Airtable, you are meant to be able to do it but that functionality is broken right now. So you won’t be able to until typeform fixes this bug.

Yep, confirming we’re having the same issue here. 

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FYI, this now seems to be working again for me. Thanks Typeform team for the quick fix!

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Amazing @jstrauss! Can you confirm is it working for you as well? @jdb425 @EventStack @bsinram @robbduke