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  • 30 May 2022
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I have embedded a VideoAsk in my Typeform. It appears with rounded corners. Is it possible to remove the rounded corners and have square corners instead? 


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6 replies

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Hey @GWatBU thanks for stopping by! 

At the moment it’s not possible to customize the embed in that way, so it’ll always embed the videoask with rounded corners - but this is a great feature request which I’ll add to the board! 

Just out of curiosity, would you be up for sharing your typeform with us? Would love to learn a bit more about your use case and how you’re using the two products together 😊

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Thanks, Grace. I can’t share the Typeform unfortunately as it’s designed to collect information and educate our customers on our products. One of the main uses for VideoAsk is to embed videos in Typeform that are not listed on Youtube or Vimeo. Unfortunately Typeform can only embed public videos from those platforms (I have a couple threads on the Typeform community on this topic), so we are using VideoAsk.

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Hey @GWatBU totally understand that it’s not possible to share the typeform, sounds like a good little workaround there using VideoAsk for private video content!

Thanks for sharing - it’s always good to hear how community members are working things out 🙌

Add this after your embed-code:


    .tf-v1-widget iframe {
    border-radius: 0px;

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Hey again! Ironically, I searched for this same issue over a year later just to stumble on the thread I started last year about removing rounded corners from VideoAsks embedded in Typeform. 

This time, the rounded corners are particularly troublesome because they cut off the VideoAsk, which includes a presentation screen share. As a result, the presentation is also cut off! 

Any updates on the fix for this yet? 

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Hi @GWatBU great to see you back here in the community! 😊

This hasn’t been fixed as of yet, but the product team are currently in discussion about video improvements in Typeform so I have flagged this once again with them and they agree it makes a lot of sense! 

I have put you on my list so I will keep you updated as soon as I get more information on this 🙏