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  • 29 January 2024
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I’ve set up a step for a visitor to book a call using Calendly, however, once this submission is made, they stay stuck on that step i.e. they do no progress to the end step.

Any ideas?



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@Westwood - one of the ‘things’ with the Calendly question is that often many folks think they have finished the original typeform once they submit the calendly booking. if you have questions after your booking page, you might want to change the sequence and have the user ‘submit’ the form with all the other data and redirect them to a second form which is only your calendly booking questions. that way you get everything submitted and then the booking. 

if this is not the way you have set up your typeform, and the users are ‘hanging’, can you please take screenshots of your typeform question sequence and logic rules and, if possible, a video showing the issue so that we can see it ‘live’ … both of these will help us troubleshoot 





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Hi @Westwood thanks for stopping by the community with your question? Are you using VideoAsk or Typeform with Calendly? Let us know if you still need some help with this one or if des’ suggestions helped!


Hi There - I’m using VideoAsk.


I do have a related question to this also (or should I start a new thread??)

If I have captured contact form data in a previous step (VideoAsk), is there a way to populate the Calendly form with those variables, specifically name and email?

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Hey @Westwood thanks for confirming!

If you collect contact information on a previous step it should automatically populate the contact info in Calendly. 

After a person has clicked schedule event in the Calendly step it should automatically move them onto the next step. If you’re not seeing this would you mind sharing a screen recording of what’s happening? 


Hi Grace, that’s now working thank you. Looks like I needed to run the test on the live version for it to carry over.

Any ideas on how this could also carry through to a redirect to an Intercom chat widow i.e. chat widow opens with Hello [name]?