Submitters should be filtered out if their submissions are incomplete

  • 16 September 2022
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Hello Everyone!


Our organisation works with various brands. We consistently explore and find out new customers and new clients. 


We have arrangement a VideoAsk to get familiar with a portion of their image inclinations.

The reactions are then shipped off Google Drive where we have a couple of robotisation arrangement to create a brand profile.


Nonetheless, in the event that we get a fragmented accommodation (because of a client leaving the page prior to finishing), it breaks the computerisation.

Is there a way that we can sift through the inadequate reactions (utilising labels or potentially zapier) so just the total reactions are shipped off Google Drive?


I would like to discuss this more here. 


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2 replies


I forgot to give my spot~

There is my site for which I am doing all this work. 


You should visit here and let me now the creative solutions. 

only come in solution if you have already done this before. Otherwise do not bother. 

So this is my slinger bag platform for all tennis players. 


That would be honor to me if you could solve and help in content creation. 


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Hey @Jasoon thanks for stopping by and sharing how you’re using VideoAsk!

You should be able to use Zap filters in Zapier to filter out incomplete responses. We actually had a conversation similar to this over here:


Feel free to check it out as there might be some useful info in the thread too. 

Hope that helps, let us know how you get on!